stylishly minimal™

#LBG-724-PSF series INVISILINEAR® extruded aluminum linear bar grilles provide a flush, “borderless” look for duct terminations in plaster, plaster-skim coat and drywall walls and ceilings. These grilles can be incorporated into millwork or FLOOR applications with the same aesthetic.

The sub-flange design installs under the gypsum board with the skim coat or plaster laying flush to the ¼” perimeter of the grille. The core of the grille is removable, facilitating installation and duct access, etc.  A straight frame/flangeless design is available to extend the range of mounting options.

The standard ¼" bars on ½" centers in 0’ or 15’ (LBG15-724-PSF) deflections provide an identical, easily paintable, minimalist look. Other bar and spacing options are available but may not permit core removal.  

Construction is of 6063-T5 hard aluminum. The quality of the fit and finish is unsurpassed in the industry. Finished in with the wall, these grilles offer minimal intrusion to the room design.